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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Training in the Rio Climate: What to Expect, Tips and How it Will Improve your Jiu-Jitsu

The #1 Tip For Training BJJ in Rio Climate

The most useful tip when training here in Rio’s climate is to stay hydrated! You won’t believe the amount of people who arrive and don’t keep themselves adequately hydrated, and their training suffers as a result. Make sure during the day you always have a bottle of water at hand and you are constantly rehydrating yourself, this will be particularly important during and post training. Be sure to drink plenty of water during a tough training sessions and also supplement your water intake by having some agua de coco or Gatorade to ensure you leave yourself hydrated after training.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Copa Podio Review

"Within seconds of walking in the door there were easily recognizable faces from the world of jiu jitsu, including Rodolfo Vieira, Cicero Costha ,Ary Farias,Rodrigo Cavaca and all of the participants of the GP and superfights.
All of us from the Connection Rio house were supporting Australian grappling sensation Kit Dale who had been staying and training with us at the Connection Rio house and also Olympian Travis Stevens who I was lucky enough to train with a few times at Gordo’s in the week building up to Copa Podio."

Friday, 6 September 2013

Copa Cyclone,Nogi with Mario Sperry and training with Copa Podio's Kit Dale and Travis Stevens

So its been a little while since my last blog update, been busy here training hard here at Gordo's and around Rio and the past week and half has been some of my best time in Rio so far.

I got to compete at the Copa Cyclone here in Rio, i competed one weight class higher than my normal weight, so i was in the heavyweight purple belt division, the atmosphere and vibe of the competition was incredible, teams from all the powerhouses of brazil under one roof cheering on their team.

I fought hard and managed to take the bronze medal in my division, not the gold i wanted but still fairly happy to pick up my first medal in brazil.

 Also this week we have been lucky enough to have Copa Podio competitor and all round good guy Kit Dale staying with us at the Connection Rio in preparation for this sunday's event, so it been cool to hang out and pick Kit's brain on all things jiu jitsu.

Also got to train a few times with Olympian and Copa Podio Competitor Travis Stevens at Gordo's, a very skilled grappler and judoka its been a blast to get to train with him.

 And finally this week i got an invite by Gordo to train some nogi with none other than ADCC and multiple time world champion Mario Sperry, it was a truly amazing experience to be able to train and spar with someone of such a standing in the jiu jitsu world, not often you get to train with an icon of jiu jitsu. one of my best moments of training her so far, and a big thanks to Gordo for the invite.

So this weekend i will be attending the Copa Podio to support Kit and Travis in their attempts to win the Copa Podio