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Monday, 5 August 2013

UFC 163, Terere and Teixeira's

This last week in Rio has arguably been my best since i have got here, this past week I have been training really hard with all the beasts at Gordo jiu jitsu and also got to visit Terere's gym now he is back from his seminar tour of mexico, walking into terere's was a great experience, i was instantly greeted by terere and warmly welcomed by the rest of his team, ive been lucky enough to train and spend lots of time with terere during his visits to wales and the UK.

It really felt like being at home as the training was very tough and everyone was in great spirits on the mats at FT academy, training there was one of the very best experiences in rio so far and i am looking forward to continuing to learn under terere in my remaining few months.

Also this week i was able to visit escola de jiu jitsu which is ran by 6th degree blackbelt Jose Henrique ‘Leão’ Teixeira, the class was a sparring class and i was very fortunate to roll with all blackbelts during the class and had some very fun rolling with them due to their very open and flowing jiu jitsu, Teixeira was agreat host and gave me some very good comments on my jiu jitsu after class, a really welcoming place to train i will be heading back many times during my time here.

And to round off a great week me and a few guys from connection rio headed to the HSBC Arena in rio to watch the ufc 163 event, and what an event it was, a crazy atmosphere, KO's, submissions and epic back and fort wars, made it a brilliant experience and my favourite ufc event i have attended.

This week im looking forward to training very hard and prepping for my upcoming competitions this month.


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