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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Nova Uniao, Fightzone and Copacabana beach!

So im into my 8th week here and this past week was a very good week of training, i have been getting a lot of training in at Gordo's including extra 7am sparring sessions with the blackbelts before the 8am class which has been brilliant.

Also this week i was luck enough to get to visit two of the powerhouses of world jiu jitsu and MMA in Nova Uniao and Fightzone. First up was the evening sparring class at Nova Uniao, the journey from Barra to Flamnego to train at Nova was a long one but totally worth it, close to 50 guys on the mats, including Yan Cabral,Thales Leites,Leo Santos, the structure and sparring in the class was top notch, i got some really good training in and got to watch some beautiful jiu jitsu by all the blackbelts there(close to 25 on the mat).

Then this past friday morning me and some of my Connection Rio housemates travelled to Copacabana to train at the competition class at Fightzone, the gym itself has a very cool set up, we were warmly welcomed by all the guys there and trained for close to 2 hours, with lots of cool concepts on positional sparring and lots of other great sparring rounds. Again so many high level guys to train with there, i was very impressed with Fightzone and then afterwards we all chilled on Copacabana beach and soaked up the sun and sights.

Another fantastic week in the books, ive got 5 weeks left and im planning on making the absolute most of it, thanks for reading all.


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