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Monday, 8 July 2013

UFC, Christ the Redeemer and a great week of training

So i managed to get around 12 sessions in my first week in Rio, we worked all closed guard attacks in Gordos classes and some really nice backt akes and armlocks in Dennis's classes, really good tough training.

Over the weekend, we all headed over to CR HQ house to watch UFC 162, we had a lot of fun and the ending of the main event may have resulted in us waking up the neighbourhood due to our cheers and gasps at what we had just witnessed.

Then on the sunday, a group of us from the premier house headed out exploring copacabana and we visited christ the redeemer, probably the most famous landmark in Rio and brazil, the journey there was good fun and the the view from the top was breathtaking, a perfectly clear and sunny day to get to see the great statue and all the amazing views from the top of the mountain. really was one of the best experiences i've had.

Really looking forward to this week of training.

 Kareem,Laurino,Nathan,Mike,Me and Patrick chilling at the summit.

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