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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Settling in to life in Rio

Settling in to life in Rio

So i've been here in Rio nearly a week, so far it been a pretty eventful week, been getting lots of good training in at Dennis's classes and Gordo's classes and also picking up lots of good tips from my fellow CR house mates.. Had a major issue with one of my prepaid travellers cards not working, so i have been introduced to waiting around a Brazilian bank to collect some wired money(so much fun....).

Got to see quite a bit of Barra so far, and now i've got my money issues sorted i'm looking forward to exploring all around the city and seeking out all the best experiences and training I can, got a few more tough sessions left this week, then looking forward to hitting the beach and watching the UFC at the connection rio house with all my newly made friends at CR.

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