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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Great training, Redbelts and Babalu!

So this last week of training has gone really well, got in 11 sessions, and the vast majority of my sparring has been with blackbelts, which is really tough and rewarding, getting lots of good tips and feedback from the blackbelts at gordos.

This week we also paid a visit to Paulo Mauricio Strauch's gym in Copacabana, he is a 9th degree redbelt and still teaches every day, the academy itself is only small but with about 12 of us visiting and all the local students on the mat, it was a really good vibe.

Master Strauch did a little demonstration of technique which was very very impressive, and we drilled a new armlock escape for a few reps, then he decided it was too busy so we were going to spar, so we all rolled for at least an hour, got some really tough rounds in with his students.

Strauch himself as a person is really friendly, welcoming and mischievous, he would do funny little things like try to ankle tap you or try to trick you into doing push ups. He showed how much of a nice guys he is by offering us too stay in the gym if we didn't have a place to stay that night.

A highly recommended visit for anyone heading to Rio.

Also on the last session of the week,open mat at Gordos, we were around half way through the session and who walks in fresh off the plane, none other than MMA legend Renato Babalu Sobral, he opened up his suitcase and threw on a gi and got into rolling, must admit i was pretty star struck seeing a fighter of his calibre training in front of my eyes.

Another week of awesome training and experiences here in Rio, hoping for much more.


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