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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Rio international Open and Birthday celebrations

This week in brazil training was slightly more scaled back as a i prepared for the Rio international open, took a day off before competing on the Thursday to make sure i was completely fresh for the competition, then competition itself was amazing the atmosphere was like nothing ive ever experienced while competing in Europe, the crowd were electric and this was just the blue and purple belts.

I fought at heavyweight purple belt adult, and had some stiff competition in my division, i weighed in about 3.5kg underweight, and fought my first match against a guy from Nova Uniao, who is also the current south american jiu jitsu champion, in a really tight match of him trying to pass guard and me trying to sweep from the bottom, i unfortunately lost by 1 advantage after the scores finished 0-0, i was very disappointed not to make the podium and have a first round loss(my first for a while) but the experience of competing at this high level and at the tijuca tennis club with be a memory i will have forever.

Also celebrated my birthday here in Rio out on the town with all my friends here at the CR HQ house, we went out in barra watched some ufc fights and then had some great laughs out on the town. im now the ripe old age of 23 and truly starting to appreciate what a good life jiu jitsu is bringing me and how much more hardwork i need to put in to fulfil my goals and dreams.


Sunday, 21 July 2013

Tough training,video blogging and meeting world champs

Its been a really tough week of training this past week, been gearing up for this weeks upcoming Rio International Open, and after 11 punishing sessions im feeling in great shape to fight to my full potential, in addition to training, i had the pleasure of doing a little video blog and photoshoot for connection rio which was a really cool experience.

Also got to meet and train alongside BJJ world champion and UFC fighter Antonio Braga Neto at open mat training on saturday which was a great honour, and then finished off saturday by chilling at the beach and enjoying the sun.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Great training, Redbelts and Babalu!

So this last week of training has gone really well, got in 11 sessions, and the vast majority of my sparring has been with blackbelts, which is really tough and rewarding, getting lots of good tips and feedback from the blackbelts at gordos.

This week we also paid a visit to Paulo Mauricio Strauch's gym in Copacabana, he is a 9th degree redbelt and still teaches every day, the academy itself is only small but with about 12 of us visiting and all the local students on the mat, it was a really good vibe.

Master Strauch did a little demonstration of technique which was very very impressive, and we drilled a new armlock escape for a few reps, then he decided it was too busy so we were going to spar, so we all rolled for at least an hour, got some really tough rounds in with his students.

Strauch himself as a person is really friendly, welcoming and mischievous, he would do funny little things like try to ankle tap you or try to trick you into doing push ups. He showed how much of a nice guys he is by offering us too stay in the gym if we didn't have a place to stay that night.

A highly recommended visit for anyone heading to Rio.

Also on the last session of the week,open mat at Gordos, we were around half way through the session and who walks in fresh off the plane, none other than MMA legend Renato Babalu Sobral, he opened up his suitcase and threw on a gi and got into rolling, must admit i was pretty star struck seeing a fighter of his calibre training in front of my eyes.

Another week of awesome training and experiences here in Rio, hoping for much more.


Monday, 8 July 2013

UFC, Christ the Redeemer and a great week of training

So i managed to get around 12 sessions in my first week in Rio, we worked all closed guard attacks in Gordos classes and some really nice backt akes and armlocks in Dennis's classes, really good tough training.

Over the weekend, we all headed over to CR HQ house to watch UFC 162, we had a lot of fun and the ending of the main event may have resulted in us waking up the neighbourhood due to our cheers and gasps at what we had just witnessed.

Then on the sunday, a group of us from the premier house headed out exploring copacabana and we visited christ the redeemer, probably the most famous landmark in Rio and brazil, the journey there was good fun and the the view from the top was breathtaking, a perfectly clear and sunny day to get to see the great statue and all the amazing views from the top of the mountain. really was one of the best experiences i've had.

Really looking forward to this week of training.

 Kareem,Laurino,Nathan,Mike,Me and Patrick chilling at the summit.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Settling in to life in Rio

Settling in to life in Rio

So i've been here in Rio nearly a week, so far it been a pretty eventful week, been getting lots of good training in at Dennis's classes and Gordo's classes and also picking up lots of good tips from my fellow CR house mates.. Had a major issue with one of my prepaid travellers cards not working, so i have been introduced to waiting around a Brazilian bank to collect some wired money(so much fun....).

Got to see quite a bit of Barra so far, and now i've got my money issues sorted i'm looking forward to exploring all around the city and seeking out all the best experiences and training I can, got a few more tough sessions left this week, then looking forward to hitting the beach and watching the UFC at the connection rio house with all my newly made friends at CR.