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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Finally Here!!

So after 16 hours of travelling, i made it to Rio safe and sound, surprisingly the travelling over wasn't as bad as i was expecting, went by pretty painlessly. i got picked up from the airport by one of gordo's brownbelts, and driven through rio towards barra where i'm staying, all the city was lit up as it was night, really a unique sight.

So i got the house and was shown my room and got introduced to everybody at the house, they were all really friendly and welcoming, i decided to head to bed to catch up on some sleep.

awoke to beautiful sunshine early this morning, and headed out to get some breakfast before my first class, gordo's is literally 30 seconds down the road, so i got my kit together and headed down there.

The mat was full to the brim with all blackbelts,brownbelts and purples and this was a quiet open mat, got lots of 10 minute rounds in with all black and brown belts, really high level training and was great to have so many diverse games to go against. the heat wasn't as bad as i was anticipating, made sure i kept myself hydrated throughout the session.

So ive just got back to my room, going to grab a bite to eat, then go and check out some of the local area.

think i'm gonna like it here

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