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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sundays are pretty relaxed here in Rio, so i had a good sleep until about 9am, then went out and explored a bit a Barra with Feroz from the house i'm staying in, Barra is a nice area, but looking forward to exploring the other parts of rio aswell.

A few of us from the house hit Gordos gym for some evening training, open mat sparring, all the guys in the house are very technical and tough so we got some good rounds in. Looking forward to my first full week of classes tomorrow.

here are some pics of Gordos and the view from the CR premier house.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Finally Here!!

So after 16 hours of travelling, i made it to Rio safe and sound, surprisingly the travelling over wasn't as bad as i was expecting, went by pretty painlessly. i got picked up from the airport by one of gordo's brownbelts, and driven through rio towards barra where i'm staying, all the city was lit up as it was night, really a unique sight.

So i got the house and was shown my room and got introduced to everybody at the house, they were all really friendly and welcoming, i decided to head to bed to catch up on some sleep.

awoke to beautiful sunshine early this morning, and headed out to get some breakfast before my first class, gordo's is literally 30 seconds down the road, so i got my kit together and headed down there.

The mat was full to the brim with all blackbelts,brownbelts and purples and this was a quiet open mat, got lots of 10 minute rounds in with all black and brown belts, really high level training and was great to have so many diverse games to go against. the heat wasn't as bad as i was anticipating, made sure i kept myself hydrated throughout the session.

So ive just got back to my room, going to grab a bite to eat, then go and check out some of the local area.

think i'm gonna like it here

Monday, 24 June 2013

Premier BJJ championships Cork,Ireland!

Travelled over to Cork this past weekend to compete at the premier bjj championships in cork city, the event itself was in a really cool venue in the neptune stadium usually a basketball arena its was a great setting for a jiu jiitsu competition. the event was expertly ran by pedro bessa,liam beechinor and all the members of the irish bjj community who helped out.

The standard of competitor was very high with all of the top irish talent on show, including Darrag O'Conaill,Joey Breslin,Brendan McGarry, Piotr Wisniewski and a whole host of tough guys and girls from the Irish academies.

I competed in the purple belt medium heavy division and also in the Premier BJJ purple belt division.
In my weight class in round 1 i took on a good guy from bjj revolution team, i managed to pick up a quick triangle win, then on to the semi final against a very tough competitor from SBG Richie Crosdale, one of the top medium heavies in ireland, got the win by triangle from tornado guard after about 2 mins. then in the final i fough Brandan McGarry from BJJ cork, we are both under pedro bessa and team mates but we fought it out in really tough match, I was 2 advantages down with 20 seconds to go i managed to sweep and climb on to the back and take the gold! 

Then on to the Purple belt absolute, $200 for the winner, all of the toughest purple belts in ireland in the mix, in Round one i fought a super heavyweight, got the win by armabar after the 4 minute mark, then in the quarter final i fought another massive ulta heavyweight from SBG , a really tough match i lost 3-0, tried everything i could but he was better on the day and rightfully went on and won the absolute division with ease.

Also Pedro Bessa stepped up on 5 mins notice and won a blackbelt superfight in amazing fashion and Pedro Bessa BJJ team won the team title by a big margin, huge well done to all of our team.

Overall an amazing competition, and the night out and after party in Cork city was equally as good, thanks to all of the Irish BJJ community and the guys at BJJ cork for making us really welcome.


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Bournemouth Open BJJ matches

medium heavy purple belt final

Purple belt open weight quarter final

Purple belt open weight semi final

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Bournemouth Open BJJ 2013

Competed yesterday at the Bournemouth open BJJ competition, one of my favourite comps on the UK scene, an impeccably run event by Alex de Souza and his team. A really high standard of competitor in attendance right from white to black belt.

i fought in the purple medium heavy division first winning my division final by loop choke after 2mins to take the gold.

then on to the open weight division, a really tough absolute of some of the uk's best, i faced off against fellow connection rio sponsored athlete and my good mate lee wright in the quarter finals, eventually winning on points 8-2 in a really good match.

Then in the semi finals i competed against Jack Cronin of RGA mill hill in the semi finals, it was a really close match, 2-2 on points and 2-1 to jack on advantages, almost won it at the very end with a last ditch takedown but was a decision that could have gone either way, really enjoyable match against a great competitor.

So Gold in my weight and Bronze in the absolute division, a good warm up for my last comp before brazil, looking for Double gold and the cash prize in Cork.Ireland this coming weekend.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

So before heading to Rio, I have my last two comps to comps for a while in the uk/ire. Ive competed in 8 tournaments so far this year, so these last two will take me up to 10 for the half way point of my competitive year.

I will be competing at the Bournemouth Open BJJ this coming weekend, then flying over to Cork,Ireland for the Premier BJJ championships next weekend, which will also serve as a trip to catch up with all the guys at Pedro Bessa BJJ Cork, then its off to brazil a few days later.

So keeping myself busy, hoping for some good results in the upcoming competitions, will post a review of the comps up soon.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

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Saturday, 1 June 2013

First post- So i am just under 4 weeks away from flying to Brazil to train for 3 months, just a little background info on how this trip came about, its always been a dream of mine to one day come and train in brazil, and luckily around 8 months ago i was selected as the Connection Rio sponsored athlete, this enabled me to be able to live my dream, so i set about saving all the funds i could to make this trip an amazing experience.

So basically all i'm waiting to do now is to fly, I have got everything sorted well in advance, just finishing my last few weeks of training with my team Celtic Pride Martial Arts, then its full steam ahead Rio!